Part II Electronic Submission of Project Files

Please note that Part IB electronic submission is available until 4pm on Wednesday 1st May 2019


You are required to submit copies of your project reports, and of your programs with any associated input files, to the Project Assessors for checking. Files should be submitted via a web browser using the University's Moodle site. You should login using your CRSid (i.e. your Raven/Hermes logon identifier) and your UIS (or Raven) password. Once logged in, the procedure is as described below (see 'How to submit').

If you have forgotten your UIS or Raven password, then you will need to ask the University Information Service for a Password Reset Token. You will then be able to reset your own password at Beware: obtaining a reset token can take time.


The deadline for electronic submission is the same as the deadline for handing in hard-copy project folders, i.e. 4pm on Wednesday 1st May 2019. Electronic submission can be completed at any time up to the deadline. If you are having difficulties making this deadline, you need to send an email to well before the deadline. See also the 'Difficulties' section at the end of this page.

Please do not email asking for confirmation that your electronic submission has been successful; if your files are not there we will notice and be in touch.

What to submit

Project reports: These should be a single PDF file for each project, identical to the hard-copy submission including program listings. Scanned hand-written pages are not acceptable.


How to submit


If you have technical problems submitting your files please send an email to, or drop into the CATAM MCS room at one of the times when an advisor is available.

If you find it impossible to submit your files electronically you may ask the CATAM helpline for permission to submit your files by email or, if there is absolutely no alternative, on a DVD/CD or a USB stick. Programs submitted by email, DVD/CD, or USB stick will not be accepted unless prior permission has been granted.

After the deadline projects may be submitted only under exceptional circumstances via your College Tutor with a letter of explanation. In any case the Computational Assessors Committee will be permitted to reduce the marks awarded for any projects which are submitted late (including electronic submission).