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Faculty of Mathematics

How to collect your computer account

Staff: Your group or pavilion secretary will hand you your passwords. Alternately the Maths HR office can give you a copy.

Research Students: You can get a copy of your maths password from your group or pavilion secretary. The maths graduate-office can also give you your password. Your college should have arranged for you to receive your University email and Raven password. If you have not got them visit one of the maths computer officers.

CCA students: The maths graduate-office can give you your passwords.

MMath / Mast (Part III): If you need access to the maths research system please do the following

  1. Ask the academic you are working with to email the maths graduate office with a statement giving his permission for you to access the system.
  2. The academic also needs to include your name, access requirements, the project end date, your college and @cam email address.
  3. The graduate office will then arrange for an account for you.
  4. You will receive an email as part of this process. Please act promptly on it.
  5. Approximately two business days later the graduate office will contact you to arrange for you to pick up your password.

Undergraduate: If you need access to the maths research system please follow the procedure given above for PartIII students however all contact must be made with the maths undergraduate office.

Visitors: CMS reception, your host or group or pavilion secretary can give you access to our wireless or wired network. If you need to login to the maths research unix network or need access to other University IT facilities ask your pavilion or group secretary to fill out an application form.

It is expected that anyone here for over a term will need to use University resources.

Summer Students / Interns: The person you are working for will ask their group or pavilion secretary to arrange for you to have access. Make sure you regularly read the email address you have provided, so that you can promptly act on the email asking you for further details.

Conference and other event Organisers: If you will need to use our PWF computers please arrange this with reception.

Conference Delegates: CMS reception can give you a ticket to use on the wireless network. If you don't have access to your laptop and need to check your email, CMS reception can provide you with a login to one of the PWF computers, subject to availability.