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1688) 28/03/12  LibreOffice 3.4.6 on Linux

SUMMARY: LibreOffice 3.4.6 is now available for testing on the Linux systems.

A newer minor bugfix release of LibreOffice has been installed that for testing. LibreOffice 3.4.6 was released on 22nd March and since it only contains bugfixes so should be fairly safe to make our default in a few days.

At the moment you can run it from a terminal as either:

  • libreoffice346
  • libreoffice-test

It will replace LibreOffice 3.4.5 as our default version on Monday (2nd April) unless any serious bugs are found and reported to us.

We have tested it with a few .doc, .xls etc files and it seems to open them at least as well as the previous version version did.

It has the same features as the 3.4.5 version announced in news item 1675, with the following bug fixes:

The current release-plan for LibreOffice had 3.4.6 as the last normal release for the 3.4 series, so we will shortly start testing the new 3.5.x versions.

Complaints etc to as usual.

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