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1808) 30/03/17  Power cuts 01/04/17 [IMPORTANT]

SUMMARY: The power will be cut to pavilions B, C, D, and the Central Core between 0800 and 1200 on Saturday 1st April, and to pavilions E, F, G, and H on Saturday afternoon. Most Maths IT services will be unavailable in the morning.

DETAILS: Pavilion B holds the main Maths server room and network connection, so limited Maths IT services will be available while we run services off a diesel generator. External Maths and Departmental websites should still be available during the morning, but other things will not be:

  • Wireless network, including eduroam and UniOfCam
  • Phones
  • Printing
  • /store
  • Group data servers (e.g. /data/sparticle)
  • fornax cluster
  • beehive and subliminal
  • Maths/DAMTP/DPMMS/Statslab email (mail to these addresses will be queued on University servers to be delivered when the power returns)

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