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1813) 27/07/17  Power cuts 29/07/17 [IMPORTANT]

SUMMARY: The power will be cut this coming Saturday, 29th July, to Pavilions E, F, G, and H, as well as the Betty and Gordon Moore Library, the Gatehouse and the AFF Lab. This means there will be no Maths IT services in these buildings while the power is off. This includes phones and wireless, and wireless in the Central Core.

IT services will be running normally in Pavilions B, C, and D, and in the Isaac Newton Institute main building.

If your Maths desktop computer is in one of these buildings it will help if you log out and shut it down on Friday evening.

DETAILS: Most Maths IT services run in Pavilion B, so will not be affected by this work. Power is probably going to be cut at around 08:00 and is likely to be restored between 16:00 and 18:00.

The Central Core wireless is powered from Pavilion H, so will also not be available.

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