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1820) 30/05/18  Change to Maths Linux reboot policy

SUMMARY: In future all Maths Ubuntu 16.04 computers will reboot in the early hours of Wednesday, between about 4am and 6am.

DETAILS: To ensure that our workstations are more up-to-date in the face of growing threats from the global Internet, we are changing our policy for when Maths Linux workstations restart automatically.

All Ubuntu 16.04 computers will reboot in the small hours of Wednesday 6 June to install a new kernel. In future these Wednesday morning reboots for security updates will be unannounced and Wednesday 4:00-6:00 a.m. should be considered a vulnerable period.

If you wish to avoid the Wednesday morning reboot you may be able to install the updates earlier by rebooting your PC yourself (this will only work if no-one else is using it).

For the moment the automatic reboots will only happen on Wednesdays. We will send round another announcement if/when we decide to have desktops reboot overnight as soon as security updates are available.

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