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1821) 30/05/18  ssh.damtp and ssh.dpmms host keys changing

SUMMARY: The SSH host keys for ssh.damtp aand ssh.dpmms will be changing soon. This is so we can move these services to the same upgraded hardware as ssh.maths.

DETAILS: We've upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 and moved it to faster computers with more memory. It's now time to move the ssh.dpmms and ssh.damtp SSH servers to this new computer too. To do this we'll shortly be changing the SSH host keys. The fingerprints of the new keys are:

1024 MD5:05:b9:3a:b5:6c:0e:0e:36:f7:18:74:e2:c0:ac:6c:26 (DSA) 1024 SHA256:3nuN3mxT//oFPrsAOdpW9wOfszJjPuSIgjs6et5ei7s (DSA) 256 MD5:34:ac:ef:e4:28:6e:97:46:aa:d7:30:25:73:e4:67:47 (ECDSA) 256 SHA256:lPWxrIJKHIwQY/TXWxEMLclLebXeUCmf+HMyLD0WFHk (ECDSA) 256 MD5:e8:5c:0c:8b:0e:d4:84:c2:5f:a6:c5:f3:0b:9e:f9:44 (ED25519) 256 SHA256:OYsnilPeMU5TkfIfusquhkNNHePnZCIjwI/xFP7QjRo (ED25519) 2048 MD5:42:38:92:e4:5e:db:ae:c0:62:3d:47:ad:bd:a7:54:d4 (RSA) 2048 SHA256:GT1XQHFumk78Nc31zIaSB4Lim6ze4bjJUdG55l+LTJM (RSA)

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