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1822) 07/09/18  Changes to store space management

SUMMARY: In recent months there have been multiple incidents of store spaces filling up, which makes that space completely unusable until a CO intervenes. Therefore we have made some changes to reduce the risk of a recurrence.

DETAILS: /store/DAMTP now has per-user quotas which have been set to 1TB for new users and the maximum of 1TB and (current usage + 20%) for existing users. To request a quota increase please email help@maths stating how much more quota is needed and the purpose of the quota increase. /store/DPMMS currently has plenty of free space, however if this situation changes we will enable quotas there too.

/store/ASTRO and /store/ATMOS both have an automated weekly email listing the heaviest users sent to the Head of Group if disk usage is over 90%. If other research group spaces start to fill up we will install a similar system if the Head of Group agrees.

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