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Faculty of Mathematics

The Maths Computer Officer Team

Please email for computing/IT assistance or call Ext. 66100. People with Yes by the UIS tokens column can issue change password tokens to people who need a new UIS password (Raven, Hermes, @cam). All listed can change maths passwords.

NameRoomPhoneEmailUIS tokens
Chris MortimerB0.2560374c.mortimer@damtp
Debbie  Yes
Eva MyersD1.0937961e.r.myers@statslab  Yes
Frank Lee (Manager) C1.1837850f.lee@maths  Yes
Kacper KornetBL.3464292kk562@damtp  Yes
Pedro CardosoB0.2938486pe278@maths
Owen DunnB0.2737852o.dunn@damtp

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