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Faculty of Mathematics

New Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop

The Maths Linux workstations will be upgraded from SL6.3 to Ubuntu 14.04. Ubuntu is a modern Linux distribution which will allow us to run up to date versions of software such as Google Chrome and Scilab and is popular among home users of Linux.

The wider range of packages available for Ubuntu will allow us to provide more and more up-to-date scientific and computational software.

Accessing network storage has been made much faster and the new default Xubuntu desktop is also faster than our previous Gnome 2 default.

Highlights of Ubuntu 14.04

Software Description
gcc versions 4.7 and 4.8
Google Chrome Google web browser, regularly updating as Ubuntu is now supported
VLC player media player, in addition to gmplayer
modules for MPI the modules system is available for MPI, maths libraries and compilers
LaTeX The default LaTeX installation is texlive 2013

As always happens when upgrading to a new operating system, you may experience a few teething problems. Please check the information below before asking for help.

A few programs (Mendeley, SpiderOak, the CD burning software xfburn) are picky about the path by which user home directories are referred to. They may have issues with /home/CRSid because it is a link to the real home directory.

Locating your real home directory path

If your question is not covered here please email ubuntu@maths.